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STEM-tember: Minute to STEM it!

Welcome to our fourth day celebrating STEM-tember this week!

Yesterday we talked about book companions which are great for an extended study but sometimes you just need a quick challenge to fill time on a short day or Fun Friday. I've created a line of quick challenges to fill this need!

Each Minute to STEM it challenge offers an activity that is low cost, low prep, and highly engaging! These are easy to implement and use common, affordable materials.

In each pack you will find a combination of the following:  challenge poster, challenge rules, teacher directions, guiding and discussion questions, student instructions, recording sheets (appropriate for K-2) a STEM journal (for upper grades), and printable materials (as necessary).

This FREE Bobbing for Apples STEM challenge is the perfect way to kick off STEM at the beginning of the year!

Be on the look out for more Minute to STEM it challenges to be added over the next few months!

Minute to STEM it: Floats

Minute to STEM it: Hats

MInute to STEM it: Bridges

Minute to STEM it: Ferris Wheel

Minute to STEM it: Carnival Ride

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